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Temple Run 2 is published by Imangi. It persuades its novel layout, having similar working but with some fascinating features. Most popular and successful game. It was published on the Google app first. This one is one of the most successful and long-lasting running games ever recorded. Temple Run 2 is a sequel to the popular endless running game Temple Run.

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App NameTemple Run 2
Latest Version1.92.0
PublisherImangi Studios
Compatible withAndriod 4.4
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It contains improved graphics, path diversities, advanced hindrances, and many power-ups, making the player more conscious of the things around him. The game can be ended when the player hits the tree trunk or plunges off from the height. Another improvement in the game is that many new characters have unique characteristics and capabilities.

Temple Run 2 is an endless running video game in which demonic monkeys chase a character. The game is set in a series of temples and ruins, and the player must navigate through obstacles and collect coins and power-ups while avoiding being caught by the monkeys.


After fulfilling adequate tasks, the player can level up. The maximum level in the game is Level 15. This is just available in-game. The Android/iOS game contains 44 different objectives which can be completed during the game.


The shield staves off death from all solid objects and fire, including spinning spiked cylinders. It also hinders tripping over his stack of tiles that sometimes block both sides of the path or tripping over a mistimed jump. All of these objects negate shields when hit.

Shield – (Default) helps to save you from hindrance.

Score Bonus – 500 points bonus. It is unlocked when Karma Lee is purchased.

Gem Bonus – 2 Gem bonus. It is necessary to set foot on level 10 to unlock it.

Coin Bonus – 50 coin bonus. It is unlocked when Barry Bones is purchased.

Coin Magnet – grabs Coin Magnet immediately. It is necessary to attain a level 5 to unlock it.

Boost – Engages Boost right away. It is unlocked when Scarlett Fox is acquired.


All characters are the same in ability in-game, they don’t affect the gameplay due to the difference in appearance, but there is the greatest addition of a character Usain Bolt. It is the most strong and the fastest one among all characters. It has gained the most popularity and played a lot.

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1. Launch the game: It takes a few seconds to load the game then, you’ll be presented with the game’s introductory page. Here you can fiddle with the game’s menus and quickly launch the game.

2. Observe the layout: Temple Run 2 interface is easy rather than Temple run. Before starting your first run, habituate yourself to the buttons and other elements on the screen. Once you hit the road, there’s nothing to see but the track in front of you.

3. Do the tutorial: Your run starts at the start of the game. Evil monkeys are chasing you, so don’t stop keep moving! The object of the game is to escape from evil monkeys while preventing barriers on your way. Don’t be troubled, there is a short tutorial at the commencement of the run.

4· Collect coins: When the coin appears, lean your device in the path of the coin. These coins are very crucial for enhancing power-ups, performance, and other factors that give benefits to running more efficiently in-game.

5· Grab Powerups: As you run, you’ll eventually get power-ups along the way. These power-ups provide you with specific abilities that help you progress further in the game, so grab them when you get the chance. These power-ups are temporary, so use them effectively until they last.

6· Complete Objective: The game has more goals than just earning running miles. Completing goals like collecting gems, coins, or certain miles also gives you extra bonuses!

How to Play Game Smoothly


  •  Stay Alive- your major emphasis is on staying alive. Don’t just run after coins, try to cover the distance as well.
  •  Collect green gems- the only anomaly to the previous advice is green gems. These particular items are a little dangerous, yet they can carry out things like enlivening your character after death.
  • Look ahead- always focus on what’s upcoming, because as you move further the hurdle comes more rapidly. So be attentive and keep an eye on the coming obstacles.
  • Collect Power-Ups- must remember remarkable power-ups. Every character contains some special skills and they need to be unlocked.
  • Complete Objective- give great consideration to objectives, as they assist you to level up by providing goals to your character.
  • Smartly use coin value-   use coin value while selecting the abilities for your character. More coins lead to the faster unlocking of abilities and characters.
Simple stratgy to play game
Guide for play game


  • Open your browser, and search for bluestack.
  • Go for download and then install it on your PC.
  • Type the game name in the search bar.
  • Go over the installation.
  •  Sign in to the Google play store to install the game.
  • Your game is installed, now enjoy it in your free time by clicking the icon on your home screen.


Yes, you can play it offline easily. You just need a good internet connection at the time of downloading.

Yes, It is completely free to play on your android phones and your PCs.

Temple Run became an international phenomenon. In contrast, part 2 is an even more outstanding video game than its original.

The objective of this game is straightforward: stay on the path for as long as you can while running as fast as you can.

You have the option of spending coins to level up each Ability a maximum of five times.

When a player reaches Level 13, they unlock an additional power-up called the Gem Bonus.


A popular sequel to the classic Temple Run. The action here is reminiscent of the gameplay of the traditional running game. The graphics of Temple Run 2 are much improved, there is a wider variety of courses, there are brand new challenges, and there are many more power-ups. The gameplay is extremely comparable to the first version of Temple Run. Players can lose their lives in a variety of ways, such as by jumping down a cliff, hitting their head on a tree trunk, or being eventually caught by an enemy.

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