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Tank Stars is a 2D action game entirely free to play. Get ready to fight in the best online battle tank game. You take on the role of a tank to eliminate another tank from the competition. Each tank has a unique arsenal of weapons at its disposal and a set of unique attributes.

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App NameTank Stars
Latest Version1.7.6
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
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You can participate in the exciting and intriguing action-packed multiplayer arcade game known as Tank Stars. Does it make sense? Not exactly. Following a brief introduction, the game thrusts you into an open area filled with tanks, artillery, and many upgrade options. You can refine your plan and shred other tanks by following these suggestions.


Using the terrain to your advantage, you can gain an advantage: it is simpler to shoot from the top of a hill, so utilize your fuel to get as high above your opponent as possible. When they hit the ground in front of them, it makes it more difficult for them to line up their shots, and the landscape automatically shifts and changes as the battlefield is hit several times throughout the game.


Watch the distance that separates you from your adversary at all times. The splash from your weapons can inflict damage on you if you get too close, but if you stand further back, it will be more difficult to hit your targets with your bullets.

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The majority of strikes, in addition to dealing damage, also produce knockback, with missiles causing tanks to move when they connect. Please use this fact to your advantage by pushing your opponent into a hole, which will require them to consume more fuel to get out of the hole and make it more difficult for them to make their next shot.



If you can get your hands on these boxes before your opponents do, do so; however if you must sacrifice your position to get one, remember that doing so may place you at a disadvantage. (Since the boxes frequently appear near one of the two ends of the battlefield, it is simple for tanks on either side to seize them.)


This game has many features that even advanced players will find impressive. Here are some basic tips and tricks for playing this game:

  • When firing a weapon at an opposing tank, tap the weapon to select the most effective one. You’ll be able to tell that it’s the best option because it will have the most stars.
  • Switch weapons if you can’t hit an opposing tank from miles away. Those that break into two pieces or impact a large area of ground are helpful when you lack confidence because they reduce the likelihood of missing the target entirely. However, the damage they deal is less overall.
Online Multiplayer and DESIGNN
  • In each round, you can use your limited fuel supply to get closer to the opposing tank, and we strongly recommend that you do so. You should not be frightened to get close to the other tank. The only true disadvantage of going closer is that it makes you an easier target, but other than that, there aren’t any.
  • Make sure that you use the maximum amount of power on each assault. You can adjust your aim by using the right side of the screen, but you can also use it to vary your intensity.
  • You’ll get a perfect hit if you hit the tank straight on. This inflicts significantly more damage than a standard hit, making it a target that should be sought out.
  • Use your best tank: As the game progresses, you will unlock new tanks; however, these tanks may not necessarily be the best. Use the tank that has received the most upgrades because it will most likely be the superior option.
Interesting levels with escalating gameplay
  • Purchase every available card once it is for sale: Purchase some greeting cards if the store sells them. Cards are rather tough to obtain, even though their store price is relatively low.
  • Keep an eye out for commercials to score freebies whenever possible: Because you are rewarded quite handsomely in this game for watching advertisements, we strongly suggest you undertake this activity as frequently as possible. It is in your best interest to acquire a free chest and card as often as is practical.
  • You can use your strongest weapons if you collect the drops that are dropped during combat. There is a possibility that droplets will emerge on the ground during your round. Collecting them will allow you to use your strongest weapon after you’ve unlocked that ability with them.
  • You can earn a free chest by watching an advertisement after each combat. Could you do it? Paying will be well worth it in the long run due to the accumulation of benefits.

Tank Stars Best Tank

The performance of a tank depends on the specific situation and the strategy used. However, here is some information about some of the more powerful tanks in the game:

  • The Dreadnought is a heavily armoured tank with high hit points and a powerful cannon. It is slow-moving, but its thick armour allows it to withstand much damage.
  • The Siege Tank is a long-range artillery tank with high damage output. It is relatively fragile but can deal much damage from a safe distance.
  • The Bulldozer is a tank with a powerful ramming ability. It can charge through enemy defences and deal heavy damage to enemy tanks. It is relatively slow and has low hit points, so it is best used in conjunction with other tanks to support and protect it.
  • The coalition is likely one of the greatest accessible tanks. It is a tank equipped with long-range weaponry specialising in area damage. Since it is a tank focusing on area damage, you won’t need to aim precisely.

The best tank depends on your play style and preferred strategies. Try out different tanks and see which ones suit your playstyle best.


How to change your name in the game?

Make a new name for yourself.

  1. You can access your Wargaming ID account by logging in.
  2. Proceed to the Account Management screen.
  3. To edit your nickname, click the icon to your name’s right.
  4. Create a new username, and submit it.
  5. Choose a method of payment to continue.
  6. To make a change, click Change.

How to add friends to the game?

Your platform’s unique players will be displayed in the first tab of the Platoon Menu, regardless of whether you’re using Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.

To add a player from your game to your Friends List, highlight the player you wish to add and then press either the [X] or [Square] button on your controller (depending on which platform you’re using). This will add the player to your Friends List. The chosen player will be added to the Friends area of your profile.

What is the best tank in this game?

The Coalition is the best tank that is currently available. It is a tank that has multiple long-range weaponry that is specifically designed to deal damage to large areas.

You won’t need to be precise with your aim because this tank emphasises dealing with damage to an area.

How to play with friends online?

The game is a free-to-play, competitive tank game with a turn-based gameplay system. In this online version of the game, you can compete against the computer.

You will need to download the appropriate app to invite your friends to participate in a multiplayer game with you.

How to install the game?

You can easily install this game from the play store.


If you enjoy playing action arcade games, then you should consider giving Tank Stars a try because it is currently one of the greatest games you can play. It is an arcade game published by Playgendary Limited, and it consists of a one-on-one battle between tanks that you get to control.

Conversely, the fight will not be like typical tank combat because the game focuses more on aiming and shooting. You and your opponent will take turns attempting to wipe each other off the face of the earth.

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