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Stickman Legends is an action game that combines fast-paced gameplay. For the players, it includes the most thrilling, exhilarating, and diverse options. And employs a dark silhouette graphic style to stimulate the player’s experience.

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App NameStickman legends
Latest Version2.9.0
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
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The main character of the game is a stick figure with name Stickman who embarks on various quests. To provide the most exhilarating and stimulating moments for the players. Naturally, it also has additional surprises for players at each level. ZITGA developer enhances their performance in combat and provides them with a large number of rewards or valuable objects.

Stickman legends tips

How to improve your stats and become more powerful in Stickman game: Shadow Wars The following is a list of helpful hints and strategies that can be utilized in the game to enhance characters, increase their stats, and upgrade them more quickly.

Finish all of the steps-

As you make progress in Stickman Game: Shadow Wars, more game options will become available to you to play. When stages 4 through 10 have been completed, the entire game will become playable. Your goal should be to complete each stage with three stars, at which point you will be able to unlock the combat skip option and rapidly finish a stage. Also, don’t pass up the opportunities to collect gold along the road; you’ll need it for the majority of the upgrades. So try to get as much of it as you can at each step.

Stickman Game Shadow Wars guide

If you are unable to win a table, you can “plow” through it by going back to the previous stage and continuing to play until you have reached a few higher levels. Additionally, if you want to get more experience points, you should participate in raid EXP battles because the EXP stages reset every day.

Enhancement of the character-

Shadow Wars, the Stickman Video Game You can improve the following four categories of equipment based on your current stats: You can improve the quality of an item by spending Gold on it.

When you have reached level 10 with a piece of equipment. You will require gems to advance to higher levels. Each succeeding improvement results in an increase in both the amount of gold and the strength stats.

Upgrade equipment-

If you find yourself without any gold, you should engage in combat during times. When there are a large number of adversaries, such as periods 1-14, 2-14, 3-14, 4-14, 5-14, and 6-14. Not only do they reward you with a substantial sum of gold. But they also provide you with the necessary ingredients for crafting. You will only lose 10 stamina throughout each stage.

In addition, you can increase the amount of gold you earn by participating in challenges. Such as Survival, Trick Game, and the Gold Raid (Main Menu -> Challenge).


Stickman’s best skill build-

You can improve your valuable skills by spending gold on an upgrade. You can unlock up to four active skills by the time you reach level 45. You can view the details of any skill simply by touching it. It is up to you to decide which talents to invest in; however, you must remember that once a skill has been unlocked, it cannot be reset. Therefore, could you give it a lot of cautious thought?

Stickman legends best accessories-

To sum it up, the Accessory feature is a piece of equipment that allows you to construct a variety of accessories, such as armor and weaponry. When you make an accessory in the Shop, Black Market, or Chest, or slay a monster, you will require a recipe.

If you have a sufficient amount of Gems, you can unlock diamond chests to obtain more extremely rare recipes. When you craft something according to a recipe, you’ll need various components, including gold and gems. When you put your finger on the item you want, Stickman: Shadow Wars will tell you where you can find it.

Every accessory that you successfully build will contribute to the overall enhancement of your character’s stats. The greater the number is, the scarcer the accessory is. It is possible to increase the rarity of an item by combining multiple instances of it if there are more than two of them.

If a combo is completed successfully, the accessory’s level goes up by one; if the combo is not completed successfully, the accessory’s level goes down by one. You can add Magic to avoid failure, or you can add Crystals like Moon Stone to boost the success rate.

Stickman's best accessories

Shadow Wars offers players a variety of accessories and equipment that can enhance their characters’ abilities and stats. Some popular accessories include:

  • The Diamond Amulet: This accessory increases the player’s attack power and critical hit rate.
  • The Golden Necklace: This accessory increases the player’s health and regeneration rate.
  • The Platinum Ring: This accessory increases the player’s max energy and energy regeneration rate.

Remember that the best accessories for your character will depend on your playstyle and the challenges you face in the game. It may be beneficial to experiment with different accessories to find the best ones.


The objective of the Survival mode is to maintain your life for as long as possible while slaying foes to collect resources such as gold, jewels, and recipes.

The level of difficulty and the types of rewards available to you in each round of the Trick Game are determined by the wheel rotation. The greater the problem, the more impressive the statistics of the monster. You are allowed to play the game a maximum of twice a day, but you will require Gems to advance.

In Raid, every stage has its Battle Point total (overall strength). The character’s current BP value is displayed on the left side of the screen.

Stickman Plays Online-

This category of stickman games online has compiled some of the craziest and most entertaining scenarios that can be experienced with these characters for your amusement

stickman play online challenges apksmooth

Stickman gift codes 2022-

Have fun making use of these codes, but remember to redeem them before they lose their validity.

  • DRAGON99: To obtain some prizes, please redeem this gift code (New)
  • You can obtain some prizes by using this gift code, which is LUNARNY2022 (New)
  • You can obtain some prizes by using this gift code, which is LUNARNY2021.
  • SLNY2021: To obtain some benefits, please redeem this gift code.

In order to redeem a gift voucher, Stickman Legend Gift Codes 2023 players must do the following:
1) While you’re playing the game, seek out a menu labeled “EVENT,” then tap on it.
2) When the new window appears, go to the left side of the window and select “GIFT CODE.”

Stickman gift codes 2022


  • Open your browser, and search for blue stack.
  • Go download it and then install it on your PC.
  • Hunt game in the search bar.
  • Go over the installation 
  • Sign in to the Google play store to install the game.
  • Your game is installed, now enjoy it in your free time by clicking the icon on your home screen.


Best hero in the stickman game?

It is commonly agreed upon that BM is one of the most interesting characters that may be played in the game League of Stickman.

How to install stickman legends?

You can simply download it from the Google play store.

Is Stickman’s game a downloadable game or can it be played online?

It’s a game that can be enjoyed whenever. And anywhere you choose because it does not require a connection to the Internet to be played.


The two opposites of this coin are darkness and light. If darkness is representative of bad forces, then light. In contrast, brings faith and hope. Hidden mysteries are represented by darkness. There are, however, those who are willing to dwell in the shadows.

To combat the demons and provide light and hope to the rest of humanity. It serves as the primary protagonist of the role-playing game Stickman Legends: Shadow of War. Which was developed and published by ZITGA PTE.

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