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Stealth Master allows you to embody a Ninja with noble missions. To master these techniques, you need to understand Japan’s ancient esoteric martial arts. There will be a battle with bad guys in-game. Moreover, a team of players committed to light and righteousness. It will be easy for you to break into gangsters’ lairs with your excellent fighting ability.

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App NameStealth Master
Latest Version1.12.1
PublisherSayGames Ltd
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
Get it On download at google play
How to Play Stealth master game

Additionally, you can play the most dangerous levels with this game. In an emergency, use ninja moves to escape and attack. In this process, we are applying our knowledge from school. has many other exciting and dramatic action games to play for fun like Bomber Friends & Real Gangster Crime .

Further, I will assist you with a game with fantastic gameplay and graphics. There is no age restriction for this game. This is a great game to play for fun and entertainment. You will be able to learn about the game, and you will be able to install the game through this article if you want to play a game to have fun

How to play Game

It is quite simple to control your character with Stealth the Master. You slide your hand across the screen. There are very strict security measures in the building. There are a lot of cameras mounted on it, and there are a lot of guards on watch. Moreover, your arrest will be issued as long as you act abnormally. However, your character is masked and armed when he plunders houses and steals goods

Make sure all the money is taken from the building, and you pass the level. The boss will appear after completing 10 levels. Additionally, you can lose your life here if you don’t take care. This guy is very hard to defeat. You will receive a vast amount of money after completing all the challenges.

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Features Of Stealth Master

Stealth Master features fantastic gameplay and graphics. This game is suitable for all ages. You can play this game for fun and entertainment. This game has the following features:

Make weapons-The weapons you have are capable of attacking your enemies. Your arsenal contains weapons to fight them as well as to fight yourself. They must be used accurately so you don’t miss your chance

Graphics-There is nothing better than the graphics in this game. There is something so peaceful and colorful about everything. However, the graphics are not dark and dull like those in other action games. Players will play the game for a longer period, thanks to the excellent graphics of this game

Levels-In this game, you unlock new levels as you progress. There will be a task at each level for you to complete. The game continues in this manner once you unlock another level. Further, it will require you to complete different tasks and see different graphics at every level.

Money-In this game version, your character can buy new clothes and weapons with unlimited money. Everything is free, there is no cost to you

Ads free-Additionally, this version removes all the annoying ads. In addition, we can cancel them immediately so that the game runs smoothly. In addition to being more fun to play, this version is ad-free

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Controls-The Sneak Master game can only be controlled in one way. That’s how you move your ninja – click, hold, and drag across the screen. Your other actions will be automated based on your proximity to enemies. Furthermore, standing still provides access to certain powerups and abilities. A simple gesture system makes playing fun and immersive

Adapt to the environment-The player must dodge flashlights and lasers or use hidden passageways to take out multiple enemies. With this game, you can use your surroundings in dozens of ways. At every level, innovative game mechanics add variety and excitement

How to Install Stealth the Master

First, you must enable unknown sources on your smartphone.

To download “Stealth Master” click “Go to Download Page”,

You can install it without internet access or Wi-Fi.

Install the software, and follow the instructions.

Click on the downloaded file in the file manager on your smartphone to install.

You can install it completely on Android.

Install and enjoy unlimited resources for free.

Stealth best character

Additionally, there is the character Rump, who uses a machete as a weapon. That’s seven characters, and further updates could add more. Usually, casual games let you collect new characters as you complete levels.

These characters don’t differ in any way nor have any advantages or disadvantages or statistical boosts from others. Further, the game’s Heroes have no statistical differences from one another. You have the same health and speed no matter which character you choose.


As a result, there is a lot of action and puzzle-solving involved, but the gameplay is simple but fun and addictive. It is possible for Android players to experience this fantastic mobile title fully.

You can play Stealth Master with your favorite character, using your special abilities to complete all levels. You will also have greater reasons to enjoy this game since it is free and unlocked on our website.


Is it safe to download and play Stealth?

You can download and play this game safely on your smartphone.

How many levels in Stealth the master?

The game features 15 missions for training, 12 for advanced, and 3 for battle missions. A task is necessary to complete each scene

How to set up a stealth master DNS server?

Select Settings > Network & Internet > Advanced > Private DNS.

Select the name of the Private DNS provider.

Name the DNS provider DNS. google.

Then click Save

How to become a master of stealth?

The game mechanics that define stealth are necessary for you to become a master of it. By using Sneak, you become undetectable.

While moving, elude enemies.

Keep your environment under control.

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