Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

Hitman Sniper is a mobile shooting gallery game that Square Enix Montreal launched in 2015 as part of the Hitman franchise. The player assumes the position of Agent 47, the game’s primary protagonist, and views the world via his sniper scope using a touchscreen device.

App NameHitman Sniper
Latest Version1.7.276729
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
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Their goal is to eliminate many influential figures who have amassed at a lakeside compound without informing their allies. The player utilizes their environment to find imaginative strategies for eliminating these opponents, frequently motivated by supplementary motives.

Hitman Sniper APK 1.7.276729 [Unlimited money][Unlocked]

As the player advances through the tasks, they will earn more potent weapons and other abilities for their current arsenal. Play action-packed games that test your stealth and strategy. Then “Hitman Sniper” is for you. Due to its thrilling gameplay, realistic graphics, and challenging missions, this first-person shooter has gained a massive following.

Using your sniper rifle, you are an elite assassin tasked with completing various contracts and eliminating high-value targets. By completing successful missions, you earn money and can upgrade your equipment, enabling you to take on more complex and dangerous missions.

Hitman sniper Gameplay

The Shadows works well with touchscreens. To peek through your gun’s scope, you only tap the part of the setting you want to examine in greater detail. Once it is complete, you can aim by dragging your left thumb across the screen. To fire the weapon, use your right thumb to compress the trigger.

The Hitman series is notable for the amount of leeway it provides the player regarding the kind of missions they can complete. And we are sorry to report that Hitman Sniper: The Shadows is not an exception to this rule. You are tasked with accomplishing a list of goals throughout each mission, but how you do so is entirely up to you.

hitman all sniper rifles

You have the option of shooting a gas canister to cause it to explode, shooting an adversary standing near a window to knock them down, or shooting a candelabra to cause it to topple over and land on the head of a guard. Every environment in the game is rife with opportunities.

The Shadows is a phenomenal first-person shooter that places you in the role of other ICA (the International Contract Agency; this is the company that Agent 47 works for) snipers.

You will be able to acquire various sniper guns and assassins as you go through the game and accomplish more contracts. Because every assassin possesses his own unique set of abilities, it might be challenging to determine which one will be the most effective for a specific task.

Hitman sniper challenge guide

The Hitman: Absolution Sniper Challenge downloadable content consists of a rooftop sniping task set in Chicago. Completing this level will let you earn things that can be used in the full version of the game, which will be released in November.

To be eligible for the notable improvements, you will need to get a score higher than the one specified for each item. You will need to uncover and finish the tasks buried throughout the game to level up your point modifiers and achieve the necessary score.

Hitman Sniper The Shadow

Because we like to be helpful here at Games radar, we’ve put up this guide to show you how to finish every one of the personal challenges and make the most of your kills. Once you have completed all these challenges, you will be well on unlocking all available upgrades in record time and will be well prepared for the main event.

Leap of the Ninja- To find this cunning outsider, first look toward the top of the enormous building in the backdrop, behind the main structure, and then zoom in on the right corner of the image. You can spot the black figure carrying out his business on the building’s southwestern corner.

 No Pigeons Were Harmed- Aim your sight at the following locations to locate the five pigeons that must be shot to achieve this challenge.

  • The lower gargoyle amid the two buildings is located directly on top.
  • The speakers were positioned on the scaffolding just over the party’s flag.
  • Around the building’s corner, near the pool, and closer to where you are.
  • Near the left elevator light. It will sit near a birdbath.

 Bored Chipmunk- If you look to the window on the left and try to see as far down as you can, you will see someone who resembles a chipmunk looking out the window. This peculiar character can be found by following these directions. You can finish the challenge without shooting him; all you have to do is gaze at him.

Long Live the Patriot- Look towards the top right corner of the building that is located far to the left in the distance if you want to complete this challenge. You’ll discover a man there punching a punching bag on the roof of that building. Two shots to the punching bag will cause it to fall off its hinges and become useless.

Gnome Invasion- To complete this task, you will first need to bring up the gnomes, and then you will need to kill every one of them. You’ll find him in the lower left-hand corner of the building when you look in that direction. As soon as you kill him, two other gnomes will materialize in the apartment of the person wearing a tinfoil hat directly across from you.

The final gnome will be found outside the man’s room, wearing the tin foil hat to the right of his current standing.

Hitman Sniper Android Gameplay Powerful Rifles to fulfil thier mission

 Ohh, Mine Got- There’s nothing quite like proximity mines to get the party started! You will need to fire your weapon at each mine to set them off. However, if a security guard approaches them after they have been activated, they will explode, thereby warning everyone else in the area.

Eliminate the two guards stationed in the vicinity of the pedestals before activating the ten mines to avoid causing a regional disturbance. After eliminating them, you can turn your attention to the mines.

Rapid Execution- To complete this task, all that is required of you is to eliminate Strong within two and a half minutes while eliminating the guards or allowing them to flee. While some security personnel would leave the area immediately, others would remain to look for you for a while. Holding down the RB and R1 buttons will allow you to use your “instincts” to eliminate any remaining enemies.

Tap within scope to kill krug

When Strong and all of his men have either been evacuated or killed, the task will be considered complete. However, once you have completed a challenge for this level, the point modifier will remain in effect any time you go through it.

If you want the most significant number of points, you should begin a new game after you have collected all of the bonuses that are still available. You might also complete this task and then start over.

Crack eggs- Headshots are required for the death of every guard, as well as Strong, for you to complete this task. You can make things simpler by pulling the trigger halfway to slow down time and make it easier to maintain a steady aim. Remember that you can distract guards by firing at locations close to where they are stationed.

As they approach the noise source, they will proceed with extreme caution. When they are standing around looking for you, it is much simpler to headshot them as they are easier targets.

Wow! The three components that you can find are as follows:

  • A white boot stood off to the right of the dance party, right next to the pool. There is a hat resembling a nurse on the seat to the left of the Merman statue and close to the lily pond.
  • The final piece can be located atop the head of the bear in the room, directly above where the people are dancing.
  • When the task has been finished, the stripper herself will emerge in the central window above the party, and she will begin to perform for you there.

Stopping a Fly-By Attempt- After you have completed the “No Pigeons Were Harmed” challenge by killing all five pigeons, a man will emerge on the roof and scare away a group of pigeons. It will get you the achievement. A large flock of pigeons will take off to the left and climb into the sky, but a single pigeon will turn to the right and fly in a low and slow direction. You can slow down time using your hair trigger, which will help you guide your shot to the target.

Rub the Duck- This challenge will be considered complete once you have successfully eliminated all three rubber duckies strewn over the area. These are the places where you can find each of the three small guys:

  • There is a single duck located directly to the left of the pool.
  • You can find one in the bird bath that is down by the grills.
  • The third and last one is wedged in between the two pedestals in front of the elevator.


What is the total level count for Hitman Sniper?

Hitman Sniper has 11 famous figures to take out as a target.

How to zoom in on hitman sniper?

Using the scroll wheel on your mouse, you can zoom in and out of an image while using the keyboard or mouse controls. Using the scroll wheel on your mouse, you can zoom in and out of an image while using the keyboard or mouse controls.

How to get a sniper rifle in a hitman?

To get the sniper rifle in Sniper, you must first achieve a certain skill level in each task. To acquire a sniper rifle, you must continue playing a mission and meet the associated obstacles.

How to download hitman sniper?

You can download Hitman: The Shadows for free from Google Play Store now.


The Hitman story inspired a spin-off series, and the second installment of that series is titled Hitman Sniper: The Shadows. This time, Agent 47 will work alongside a new team of highly trained assassins, and you will only have access to a single sniper weapon for the whole game. To become a top-tier sharpshooter and unlock the most powerful firearms, you must first clear out the targets, then collect the weapon pieces, and then finish the blueprints.

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