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Hills of Steel is a physics-based tank action game which undoubtedly the most addicting game of its kind. Crush your opponents with your steel as you move the hills. You should search for riches left behind by your defeated foes and equip your vehicles with the most potent upgrades and unique weaponry you can locate.

Super plus Games, best known for developing casual multiplayer games, has released an action-packed mobile game called Hills Steel that is completely free to play. You will have to fight your way across this area, moving from one battleground to the next, all the way up to the future moon.

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App NameHills of steel
Latest Version4.4.2
PublisherSuperplus Games
Compatible withAndriod 4.4
Get it On download at google play

You will be able to plow through the mountains and lay waste to your foes with the assistance of fully customizable tanks. You have the opportunity to acquire loot from these defeated foes, which you may then use to enhance your vehicle with the most powerful special weapons and upgrades available.

Hills of steel Basic Gameplay

Hills Steel game is a highly addicting video game in which players take control of heavy tanks and try to eliminate their foes while practicing their aim. This game is perfect for you if you’re searching for an online multiplayer experience that features short rounds and a great deal of action. It will keep you occupied for a good portion of the day.

Participate in the conflict and eliminate each of your adversaries one by one. You can go forwards or backward in this adventure to hunt for your adversaries as you make your way around a hill. You need to aim carefully to make sure you make contact with them, and then you tap a button to shoot and destroy them.

hills of steel multiplayer gameplay

The hill in this game is full of tight twists and steep slopes, both of which influence how you move your tank and how you shoot. This makes the level challenges.

Hills of steel allows you to compete against other players in individual or two-player matches, or you can play the game in its classic version, in which the majority of your foes are controlled by a computer App.

You also have the option to develop your tanks and the abilities they possess, which will result in increased endurance and power. The cards you need to level up your tanks can be found in chests that can be opened after you have won battles. Get ready for rounds that are short but filled with action and in which you shoot from your tank.

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Hills of steel tips and tricks

This game is packed with a lot of features that even advanced players will find impressive. Here are some basic tips and tricks for playing this game:

Drive quickly while taking your time- Since there is no time limit on the fight, you can take as much time as you need. It is possible to encounter not just one foe but several foes while you are in a hurry and driving at a high rate of speed forwards.

You will take a significant amount of damage as they all come at you at the same time, making it very challenging for you to win the fight against them. It will be better when you drive slowly, notice the opponent, defeat him, drive on, see another enemy, and defeat them all in succession.

Take a step back- In order to avoid enemy fire or to select a more advantageous position, it is necessary to take a step back and fire at the adversary, unless, of course, there are barriers in the form of hedgehogs for this purpose.

If you perceive that the adversaries are moving forwards as a group, take a step back, and they will begin to disperse; the tanks with the most speed will move ahead, and the ones with the slowest will fall behind.

When aiming, use the bumps- There are some inconsistencies with the playing conditions. If you stand on an incline, you can shoot upwards, but if you stand on an incline, you can also shoot downwards. This will assist you in aiming better. When aiming, be careful to make use of the bumps.

Start the gun early- When you shoot from a great distance, you may not be able to see where the bullet makes contact. Even if you can’t see the bullet, it still has the potential to hit a tank that is moving around outside the playing field.

Even if you can’t see the target, it is in your best interest to continue driving forwards and firing your weapon. As a direct consequence of this, the tank that suddenly materializes on the horizon may have already been damaged, making it much simpler for you to finish it out.

Tips and tricks to play steel hills game

Aiming for the tank is not required at this time- You can fire not only at the tank but also in its immediate vicinity. Even though you will deal a smaller amount of damage to your opponent if you use this strategy as opposed to directly hitting the tank, you will still be able to deal some damage to them. When they make an impact, bullets create an explosive radius.

Not only does the enemy incur damage when he is struck by the bullet, but he also takes damage whenever he is within the explosion’s radius. The tank’s power determines the size of the radius it can cover. There is no firing on friendly territory. That is to say, there is no danger to you if you are within the blast radius of your bullet when it detonates.

Don’t be hit- You are also being shot at by the enemies, so avoid getting hit by enemy bullets by moving away from the impact of the strike. You will need to engage in maneuvering motions either forwards or backward.

When assaulting aircraft, use hills as cover- When they launch an assault against you, aircraft are extremely difficult to damage. You need to take the high ground to retaliate, as this will allow your tank to shoot higher.

You are on a plain if there is no hill in the immediate area; look for it by making motions that are characteristic of it and try your best not to get caught in the line of fire of these gadgets.

Utilize tank features- Before engaging in combat, it is important to familiarize yourself with the capabilities, power, and speed of the tank. Only after making a conscious decision should you enter the fight.

To fire, you should use the tank swings- The tank is flung back when it is fired upon, and it will sometimes go vertical before it rebounds. You can improve your aim and eliminate the threat posed by the enemy if you sway or bounce. Make use of it in the attack. Because of this, it will be much simpler for you to hit the target.

steel hills game guideline

Upgrade an existing tank- We suggest that you begin by upgrading the tank that you use the most frequently in engagements and then proceed to upgrade the remaining tanks in your arsenal in the order shown above.

Be careful not to collide with an opposing tank- It is possible to run into the enemy when you are getting up into a virtually vertical position. Do not engage in this activity when you are moving in and out of the area since the opposing force will fire at you without missing.

Assume a defensive stance and wait for the opponent to arrive- Find a good vantage point from which to fire that will allow you to hit the adversary while keeping yourself safe from attack. You can easily destroy the adversary.

Best tank In Hills of steel

A successful outcome in a fight requires the use of amplifiers, regardless of the circumstance. Each variety of tanks is equipped with its own set of amplifiers. All of the tank boosters are the same, however, each one has a unique moniker that is patterned after the tank’s name.

best tanks in hills steel

In battle, you are only allowed to utilize one booster at a time, and that booster can only be used once. After you have defeated the boss in certain areas, the booster will be refreshed and made available for use once more.


How can I acquire a free subscription to the Hills of steel premium game?

You can acquire a free copy of this game by downloading the latest version from the google play store. After installation, your use of it is completely free of charge.

How to get gems in the game?

You will find that acquiring an infinite supply of diamonds in the game is now a very simple process. You will be able to play this game for free with an infinite amount of money and gems if you download the apk version of it on your device.

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