CarX Highway Racing

CarX Highway Racing is the first mobile racing simulator game. Features of the game completely replicated engines, powertrains, suspensions, and aerodynamics. Take on dozens of other racers, escape an aggressive police force, and travel across the country on different roads.

Start your journey and receive a unique driving experience! In most of the racing games I play. The factor that ultimately determines whether or not I give up is how quickly I become bored. CarX Highway Racing is a racing game that challenges players to compete against other racers on realistic 3D tracks.

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App NameCarX Highway Racing
Latest Version1.74.6
PublisherCarX Technologies
Compatible withAndriod 4.4
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The appearance and feel of things haven’t altered all that much, except the landscape. You will enjoy the weather and the variety of vehicles. After a few hours of play, you might find it to be a little tedious. After having some experience with roughly a dozen different racing games.

It becomes clear that the game format and how it is played are at the heart of what makes each game enjoyable. CarX Highway Racing is one of the few games that accomplish both goals. In a manner that is both extremely personal and highly practical. Enter the exciting world of street racing and lose yourself in action!

CarX Highway gameplay

is an exciting racing game that allows players to compete in traditional types of races. The player will assume the role of a new foe in the competition. You will become an expert driver despite driving on hazardous routes. You will face off against a plethora of adversaries in matches of unprecedented difficulty. Get behind the wheel and put your dexterous controls to use to drive your vehicle.

CarX Highway Racing Android GamePlay

In addition to that, make use of some deft maneuvers to go around challenging corners, and make use of Nitro to win the match. If you do your best, you’ll be eligible for a wide range of perks. That bonus can be used by players to unlock, improve, and enhance their vehicles.

The developer of the game has included a vast selection of high-quality vehicles in the game. They modernize these vehicles by the trends that are currently prevalent in the automotive industry. Players will need to save up some cash to unlock the highest-quality vehicles. However, to win the game screen, you cannot merely rely on automobiles; instead, you will need to coordinate your talents with each other.

Carx highway racing tips & Tricks

This game is packed with a lot of features that even advanced players will find impressive. Here are some basic tips and tricks for playing this game:

Pink slip bet and a Fresh Start- This suggests that you will be placing a gamble on the automobile that you currently own. If you are unsuccessful in winning the Pink Slip bet, you will also be unable to keep the car. If you triumph in a Pink Slip wager, you will be awarded the motor vehicle that was put up as collateral by your rival.

It is determined who the winner is based on three different factors: the speed of the car when it crosses the starting line; the amount of time that elapses between when the car obtains the “GO” sign and when it crosses the starting line; and whether or not RPM needle is in the target zone when the car is started.

Highway Racing Guide,CarX  apk smooth

Blueprints- These unique prizes serve the purpose of becoming components of autos. After collecting a predetermined quantity of Blueprints for a specific vehicle, you will be able to finish assembling that vehicle and obtain it.

To receive the car, you need to check to see if you already have it in your Inventory and then hit the icon that looks like a claim button. If the icon is just partially visible, this indicates that you do not yet have the required number of Blueprints for that particular vehicle.

Rating of the Driver and Location inside the City- This is a rating for the Multiplayer mode based on how skilled a player you are. This number has the potential to go up or down depending on the results of your victories and defeats versus other players, as well as the skill ratings of those other players.

Following New York, each subsequent city has a predetermined minimum need for the number of Subscribers. Participating in races in both the Single Player and Multiplayer game modes will help you acquire more Subscribers, which will in turn enhance your total.

carx highway play with multiplayer

Subscribers- You can get subscribers by participating in any game types, and the number of subscribers you have is a strong indicator of how far you have progressed in the game. There are a few game types and locales that can only be accessed once the subscription number has been entered.

You will receive a prize if you meet specific criteria and levels. By navigating to the REWARDS tab located under the Player Profile, you will be able to monitor your current progress as well as earn these rewards. To access your Player Profile, simply tap on your avatar, which is located in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen.

Upgrade Car & Stages- You can access the UPGRADE feature of the game in two different ways: by clicking the UPGRADE icon in the top bar of the racing lobby or by clicking the UPGRADE icon in the bottom bar of the Garage. Both of these icons are required.

upgrade the car of your own choice of car

When you get there, you’ll have to choose the component that can be upgraded and pay CASH to buy an upgrade stage. You can hasten the upgrade’s delivery by watching an advertisement or spending DIAMONDS. Each component uniquely influences the performance characteristics of a vehicle.

The early stages (Level 1 and STAGE 2) gradually improve the car’s statistics, whilst the PRO tuning stages have varying degrees of impact depending on the stage you select.
For instance, you can concentrate on Weight or Torque, depending on the aspect of your performance you feel needs the most work.

Use the boost wisely- Boost can give you a temporary speed boost, but it’s important to use it wisely. Save it for when you need it, such as when you’re trying to pass another car or make a tight turn.

Stay on track- Trying to cut corners or take shortcuts is tempting, but staying on track is usually the fastest way around. Off-road sections are often slower and can cause you to lose control of your car.


  • Open your browser, and search for bluestack.
  • Download it and then install it on your PC.
  • Hunt game in the search bar.
  • Go over the installation. 
  • Sign in to the Google play store to install the game.
  • Your game is installed, now enjoy it in your free time by clicking the icon on your home screen.


In the CarX highway game, how many cars are there?

There are forty distinct varieties of sports vehicles that are all available to be ordered by you. These sports cars range from standard autos to muscle cars, powerful supercars, and classic sports cars.

REALISTIC PHYSICS. Experience the power drive right at the tips of your fingers. Because of the meticulous adjustments that have been made to the mechanics, you will be able to feel every horsepower that the car that you select has to offer.

Is there a way to play CarX Highway game online?

You may also compete in races against other people in the comfort of your own home by taking part in online competitions. Your goal should be to finish first and advance to the next level. In the campaign mode, you will have the opportunity to travel to many other countries and regions, like Australia, France, Russia, and even the Texas deserts.

Is CarX’s highway racing offline?

For gamers who are passionate about racing games, CarX Highway is the best offline game available that is less than 500 megabytes in size.


CarX Highway Racing provides players with the most amazing experience possible by employing a graphics engine of the next generation, which features enhanced image quality and improved effects. First and foremost, it includes a mode known as “highway racing,” which is a perilous idea in which players are required to compete in locations that have a high volume of traffic but no speed limit. In addition to the aforementioned elements, the game makes use of a wide variety of gameplay and user experience concepts that evolve through time.

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